Thermomix’s new model TM5 – what’s new?

When the launch of the new Thermomix model TM5 was announced on the 6th September, I was on holidays in Palm Cove with my family. Due to the simultaneous World Wide release, images & video’s were available on the internet from Europe a few hours before the Australian launch, so my mobile started going crazy from about 10am.

When the new model was release I had mixed emotions. Excitement about the new model, along with curiosity about how Vorwerk could possibly make the Thermomix any better. The other half of me felt sick, especially for my customers who had only recently purchased a TM31 (previous model). I’ve read a lot of articles recently on the pro’s & con’s on how the TM5 (new model) was released in secret & I can understand & empathise with all of the arguments on both sides.  If I’d just bought a TM31 & the new model was released a week later, I would’ve been terribly upset, although the free bowl/blade/lid offer would make me feel a lot better.  I can also understand that Vorwerk did a secret launch to keep on top of the competition – there is now nothing at all on the market that even comes close to the TM5 (besides the TM31 of course).  I’ve also found it a very difficult time to be a consultant & it’s a shame in some ways that we become the personal face of Thermomix, so then cop the flak that comes from their business decisions.

Anyway, as a Thermomix Consultant (a job that I absolutely love!), it’s my job to now demonstrate the TM5, so here are my thoughts on the new model. As I mentioned, I wasn’t sure how Vorwerk could possibly improve the TM31, but they haven’t disappointed & the TM5 is very impressive.  These are some features of the new model that I’ve noticed in the last day or so.  I’m sure I’ll continue to discover more amazing features as I continue cooking…..

  • 2.2L Thermomix bowl
  • 3.3L Varoma
  • Quieter
  • Colour touchscreen display, with selector dial.  Very easy to use.
  • The scales weigh in 5g increments up to 3kg, including a visual icon on the touchscreen showing how full the bowl is getting.
  • Scales can be used while the the blades are moving & the TM5 is cooking
  • Heats to 120 degrees
  • New Basic Cookbook with 183 recipes, which is the same cookbook world wide.
  • Digital innovation called ‘Guided Cooking’.  There is a micro chip that displays all the recipes from the accompanying ‘Basic Cookbook’ along with nutritional information.  Guided Cooking lets the user cook by following step by step instructions on the screen.  All that’s needed is to add the ingredients to the bowl & the scales also automatically set to zero when ingredients are to be added.  I can imagine this feature being amazing when you are very time poor, or when someone who is not the regular ‘cook’ is cooking.  Husbands & children will easily be able to cook amazing meals!
  • More cookbooks & accompanying micro chips are promised to follow & they will be available in different languages in the future.  The touchscreen on the TM5 can also be changed to another language with the accompanying microchip.
  • Manual mode, where you simply set time, temperature & speed (like using the TM31)
  • Sleek design of the machine includes a handle.
  • Automatic locking lid
  • MC new design for easy pouring & prevents splattering
  • Automated Cooking – add all ingredients to TM5 & it automatically sets time/temperature/speed.  This includes custard with the option of runny, normal or thick & creamy consistency.  The other Automated recipe is rice by absorption method (like a rice cooker).  The blades are not in motion & the TM5 will tell you how much rice & water to add.  The final Automated recipe is ‘pot set’ yoghurt.  Add ingredients & the TM5 will cook the mixture & maintain the 37 degree temperature for 8 hours until it’s set.  Imagine – literally cooking while you sleep!

If you would like to book a demonstration of the TM5 please contact me on 0412 529 340 (Melbourne) or you can email me on to place an order for your TM5 & I will organise for a local consultant in your area to deliver your machine.

Please also contact me if you have any questions or just want to have a chat about becoming a Thermomix consultant yourself.  This is a great time to join the business with all the hype surrounding the new model & you can buy your TM5 & business kit with the interest free finance offer & pay them off as you earn commission from sales.


2 thoughts on “Thermomix’s new model TM5 – what’s new?

    • Thank you! The introductory price is only $50 more than the previous model, so it’s now $1989. On 1st November the price is going up to $2089 where it will stay.

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