Family Chicken Galette

Over the weekend, we decided to try the Family Chicken Galette from Cookidoo. We didn’t have much on & no plans around dinner time, so I thought it was a good opportunity to try a new recipe. My partner Shiva loves to cook & has been enjoying using my TM6 over the last few months. He was previously a Thermo-phobe! I was taking things very easy, following a recent hospital visit, so cooking this dish was entirely left for him to do. The only thing I did was chop the butter into cubes & freeze, as this was required for the pastry.

This is the Image from Cookidoo….. all recipes on Cookidoo have been triple tested by Thermomix

This recipe sounded delicious – caramelised onion & bacon base, with a chicken & mushroom pie filling, The caramelised onion & bacon mixture added amazing flavour to this galette.

To start this recipe, you make the pastry in your Thermomix. There was 200 grams of butter required for the pastry, so I immediately knew this was not a light, low fat meal! I did struggle mentally with the amount of butter in the pastry – actually with every bite, I could feel my weight increasing! Don’t get me wrong, the pastry was delicious. I thought it had the texture & taste of a croissant.

Putting the finishing touches to the galette before it goes into the oven

We really loved this meal & will definitely make it again. It’s not really a typical quick mid week meal, more of a dinner to make when you’re not in a rush, or on a weekend. The recipe did take a long time to make, when you factor in the time for resting the pastry & washing the bowl before making the filling components. It probably took an hour & a half to prepare & cook. Next time, we will skip the fist few steps & instead of making our own pastry, we’ll use store bought short crust pastry. It might mean making two small galettes, which is fine. My girls had this for dinner tonight & it re-heated well.

Our Family Chicken Galette – I’m sure you’ll agree, I think he nailed it!!

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