2 thoughts on “Tips, Hints & How-to’s

  1. Hi we’re needing renovate our old kitchen. My thermomix always had a dedicated place on the benchtop but now due to certain limitations in the renovations it means the thermomix will loose it’s permanent benchtop spot. Hence I will have to store the thermomix inside the base cabinet and take it in and out each time I want to use it. I know the scales need to be protected which is why I previously insisted it needs to stay on the bench top but my husband now finds it a pain saying if I keep insisting on this then the whole renovation will cost us so much extra money JUST to cater for the thermomix. I guess if consultants move the thermomix on a daily basis from.one location to another then is there any harm with me doing the same (from cabinet to benchtop and back after each use)?

    Also is it OK if the thermomix is kept by a window?

    • Hi, there is no harm in moving your Thermomix into a cupboard after each use, however, you will most likely find that if it’s in the cupboard, you won’t use it as much. Thermomix’s are designed to stay on your bench & be your ‘go to’ for what ever you need it to be. Give it a try & see how you go though. It’s also perfectly fine to store your Thermomix by a window.
      If it helps, I can recommend an ‘easi slide’ for your Thermomix – then you can slide your Thermomix out of the way (without damaging the scales) when it’s not being used.
      Caroline x

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