Chocolate Custard

choc custard

What’s not to love about a quick treat for the kids that takes 7 minutes to make?  I’ve tried a few different chocolate custard recipes (or at least my kids have) & this one is my favourite.  This custard will keep in the fridge for a few days.  When it’s cold, the custard tastes like chocolate mousse & is quite light & fluffy!  I used to buy my kids custard from the supermarket.  This custard doesn’t even compare on taste, obviously has no additives/preservatives & the money I save continues to astound me!

6 squares of dark chocolate
60g raw sugar
30g cornflour
20g cocoa
700g milk
2 eggs

1) Place chocolate, sugar, cornflour & cocoa in TM bowl, chop 20 seconds/speed 9.
2) Add milk & eggs. Cook 7 minutes/90 degrees/speed 4.
3) Serve immediately on it’s own or with fresh fruit.

Source: Thermomazing


If let sit to cool, remove the layer of skin that forms before serving.

You can halve the quantity – just cook for 6 minutes in step 2.

For a thicker custard, either reduce the milk to 600g or add an additional egg.


Choc Chip Zucchini Cupcakes

Chocolate Chip & Zucchini Cupcakes

These cupcakes are yummy & your kids will never know there are vegetables in them!  This recipe makes 30-40 mini cupcakes.  These can also be made in regular size cupcake pans – just increase the cooking time for a few minutes.  Great for treats & snacks & nut free for lunch boxes.  They also freeze well, so they can go straight from the freezer to the lunch box. You can also reduce the amount of choc bits if you prefer.  Even with 150g choc bits, these will still be a yummy treat the kids will love.

250g zucchini, roughly chopped
1 egg
110g vegetable oil
150g raw sugar
5g vanilla extract
210g plain flour (wholemeal if you prefer)
15g cocoa
1 tsp cinnamon
2 tsp baking powder
pinch of salt
150-200g choc bits

1)Preheat oven to 170 degrees
2) Place zucchini in TM bowl, chop 10 seconds/speed 6.
3) Add remaining ingredients (except choc bits) mix 15 seconds/speed 5. Scrape down the sides of the bowl & mix again 10 seconds/speed 5.
5) Add choc bits & mix 5 seconds/reverse/speed 4.

6) Divide mixture evenly in to patty pans & bake for 12-15 minutes.


I use these old fashioned ice cream scoops to make sure each cupcake is the same size, which results in even cooking.   They also make much less mess!


Pumpkin, Pea & Feta Risotto

Pumpkin, Pea & Feta Risotto

One of the best things about this risotto is that the pumpkin is cooked with the rice – it doesn’t need to be roasted in the oven.  That means that dinner can be cooked in 20 minutes!  I’ve included some ways to bulk up this dish for big eaters in the notes at the end of the recipe.

40g parmesan cheese
1 onion
40g butter (optional)
20-40g olive oil
250g pumpkin, cut into 1cm cubes
320g Arborio rice
60g white wine
1 tbsp veg stock concentrate
720g water
Salt & pepper to taste
120g frozen peas
100g feta
handful of spinach leaves

Fresh herbs – parsley, thyme, basil, chopped (optional)

1. Place parmesan in TM bowl. Grate 10 seconds/speed 9.  Set aside in thermoserver with spinach & chopped herbs.  Wipe out TM bowl with kitchen paper.
2. Add onion to TM bowl. Chop 3 seconds/speed 5.   Add butter & oil, cook 3 minutes/120 degrees/speed 1 (MC lid off)
3. Add rice, cook 1 minutes/120 degrees/reverse/speed 1.5 (MC lid off)
4. Insert Butterfly.  Add wine & pumpkin, cook 2 minutes/Varoma temperature/reverse/speed 1.5.  (MC lid off)
5. Add stock & water.  Place TM basket on lid, zero scales & weigh peas.  Cook 13 minutes/100 degrees/reverse/speed 1.5

Leave the TM rice basket on top of the lid.  This allows for the risotto to evaporate slightly & will also defrost the peas at the same time!

6. Pour peas into ThermoServer, with the spinach, herbs & parmesan.  Then pour the risotto over this & stir gently to combine.  Crumble feta on top of risotto & serve.


Risotto will thicken while standing in Thermoserver.  

This dish will also be a lovely side dish to a schnitzel for the whole family.

Chicken & Pumpkin Quinoa Salad with Tangy Maple Dressing


I follow a number of Thermomix bloggers & ‘ThermOMG’ has posted a list of dishes that all Thermomix owners MUST make.  This salad is from Quirky Cooking & there are a few more of her dishes on the list.  I made this for dinner this week & as you can see from my photo it looks delicious!  My husband & I had it for dinner one night & then I ate it for lunch, 2 days in a row.  The beauty of this dish, is that you cook everything at once in layers, which saves time & energy.  I’ve added my own spin to the dressing, but you can really dress it with whatever you like.  I also drizzled over a little ‘Vino Cotto’ for extra flavour.  You can also add anything you like to the salad – smoked salmon, tuna, salmon, flaked trout, nuts, currants, seeds…..the list is endless!

Salad Ingredients:
250-300g Quinoa
800g boiling water
4 eggs
4 chicken thighs, cubed
250g pumpkin, chopped
few handfuls baby spinach
150g semi dried tomatoes
150g kalamata olives, pitted
100g feta
pine nuts or sesame seeds to garnish

Dressing Ingredients:
20g olive oil
10g balsamic vinegar
10g maple syrup
2 tsp seeded mustard
juice of 1 lemon
salt & pepper

Salad Method:

1) Weigh boiling water into TM bowl.  Insert rice basket, re-set scales & weigh Quinoa into basket.  Place eggs on top of Quinoa.


2) Line the Varoma tray with baking paper & add chicken pieces.  Add pumpkin to the Varoma dish.

3) Place Lid on TM bowl & set Varoma into position.  Cook for 20 minutes/Varoma temperature/speed 4.  Check that the chicken is cooked & cook additional few minutes if required.


4) Once cooked, carefully remove eggs from the rice basket using tongs (as they will be hot)!


This is what the quinoa & eggs look like after cooking.

5) Place baby spinach leaves into a large salad bowl.   Add cooked chicken, pumpkin & quinoa.  Add all other ingredients, including peeled & quartered boiled eggs.

6) Pour dressing over salad ingredients & gently toss to combine.  I use disposable food handling gloves & gently toss the salad with my hands.  Garnish with pine nuts or sesame seeds.

Dressing Method:

Empty excess water from TM bowl, but do not wash it.  Add all ingredients to bowl & mix 6 seconds/speed 6.

Source: Quirky Cooking


I always steam my meat on the Varoma tray, lined with a piece of baking paper.  The baking paper makes for very little washing up (everything just needs a rinse).

Beef Stroganoff

Beef Stroganoff

There are a few Thermomix recipes around for Beef Stroganoff, but this is my favourite.  It’s very tasty & so easy to make.  All you need to do is chop the onion, mushrooms & beef.  Everything else just goes in the TM bowl.  Serve with rice, mashed potatoes, cauliflower rice or fettuccine.  You can cook up to 700g beef for big eaters or a big family.  Just increase the amount of water a little in step 4.

1 onion, peeled & quartered
2 cloves garlic
50g bacon
20g butter or olive oil
500g beef rump, cut into strips about 2cm thick
240g Swiss Brown mushrooms, sliced
60g tomato paste
100g white wine
30g vege stock concentrate
100g water
40g plain flour
10g dijon mustard
120g sour cream
40g worcestershire sauce
pinch nutmeg
1 tbsp paprika
1 tsp salt
fresh parsley & thyme to garnish

1) Place onion, garlic & bacon into TM bowl, chop 5 seconds/speed 5.
2) Add butter or oil, cook 2 minutes/100 degrees/speed 1.
3) Add mushrooms, cook 5 minutes/100 degrees/reverse/speed 1.
4) Add all remaining ingredients, except parsley & thyme, cook 25 minutes/100 degrees/reverse/soft speed.
5) Garnish with parsley & thyme. Serve with mashed potatoes, rice or pasta.




Homemade scrolls are so yummy & very easy to make.  The best thing about this recipe is you get to choose the fillings – cheese & vegemite, pizza, apple & cinnamon….  The price of home made scrolls is even more appealing.  These scrolls cost about 40 cents to make.  Compare that to $3.40 in the bakery!  I have young kids, so I make mini scrolls, which probably cost me less than 25 cents to make.  They freeze well, so are fantastic for snacks or lunch boxes.  Put a frozen scroll in your kid’s lunchbox in the morning & it will be ready to eat by recess.

This dough recipe makes about 30 mini scrolls or 16 large scrolls.

Dough Ingredients:

300g Water

1 sachet dried yeast (or 2 tsp dried yeast)

500g Bakers flour

20g Olive oil

1.5 tsp salt


1) Pour water in TM bowl & add yeast. Heat 1 minute/37 degrees/speed 1.

2) Add flour, oil & salt. Mix 6 seconds/speed 6.

3) Set TM to closed lid position & knead for 2 minutes on interval speed.

4) Transfer dough to a Thermomat or a lightly floured bench top & work into a ball.   Allow to prove in a warm place for 15 minutes or until double in size.

5) Pre heat oven to 180 degrees

The Thermomat is ideal to prove dough.  Simply wrap up the dough as shown below & leave on a Thermoserver.  Boiling water in the Thermoserver will provide enough warmth for the dough to rise.


6) Roll dough out in a rectangle shape.  Spread fillings on dough.  I’m making cheesy mite scrolls.


7)  Using a pizza cutter, cut dough into long strips.  I cut thin strips, as my kids are quite young, but feel free to cut thicker strips if you want to cook larger scrolls.


As you can’t cut on a Thermomat, I’m using a not stick Fondant mat  that I use for decorating cakes.  If you don’t have one of these, roll the dough out on a sheet of baking paper & cut on a chopping board.

8) Arrange scrolls close together, but not touching, on a lined baking tray.  Sprinkle over some extra cheese if you like.


9) Bake for 10-12 minutes or until just turning brown.

Zucchini Slice

Zucchini Slice

A delicious dish that is so easy to make in your Thermomix.  Everything is done in the TM bowl, so that’s all you have to clean!  I used to make this years ago using my food processor, a large mixing bowl & another bowl to whisk my eggs.  Not anymore!   This slice is delicious warm or cold, great for lunch boxes, lunch or dinner & freezes really well.  It’s a great dish to make a day before serving too.  For a vegetarian option, you can replace the bacon with corn kernels,  capsicum, semi dried or cherry tomatoes.

1 onion, peeled & quartered
200g bacon, chopped
375g zucchini
5 eggs
150g SR Flour
100g grated cheese
60g vegetable oil
Mixed dried herbs
Salt & pepper

1) Pre heat oven to 170 degrees.

2) Place onion in TM bowl, chop 3 seconds/speed 5.   Add zucchini & bacon, chop 3 seconds/speed 4.   Scrape down sides of the bowl & chop again for another second if required.

3) Add remaining ingredients, season to taste & mix 20 seconds/speed 3.

4) Pour into a greased ceramic dish or baking tray & bake for 40 minutes or until browned.

Prosciutto Pizza


A few years ago I did a pizza making workshop at The Essential Ingredient.  The teacher was the head chef at the time from Mr Wolf, in St Kilda.  The class was amazing & well worth it.  I learnt so many tips & recipes from the restaurant.  This Prosciutto Pizza was their biggest seller & has fast become one of my husbands favourite meals!  The only thing missing from this pizza (that was in the original Mr Wolf recipe) is some roasted garlic paste under the pizza sauce.  I used to make this paste, but since I started to make this sauce recipe in my Thermomix, it really doesn’t need it.  The secret to this dish is not cooking the prosciutto – it goes on the pizza after it’s been cooked!

Dough Ingredients:
300g warm water
2 tsp dried instant yeast (1 sachet)
20g olive oil
500g bakers flour
2 tsp sea salt

Pizza Sauce Ingredients:
1 onion, peeled & quartered
2 cloves garlic
800g diced tomatoes (2 tins)
30g olive oil
salt to taste
2 tsp mixed dried herbs
50g tomato paste

Dough Method:
Place warm water, then yeast into TM bowl. Add Flour, oil & then salt. Mix 6 seconds/speed 6.
Set dial to closed lid position & knead dough on ‘interval speed’ for 2 minutes.
Transfer dough to a Thermomat, wrap & leave in a warm place to prove for 20 minutes.  Placing boiling water in your Thermoserver (see below) provides enough heat for the dough to prove.

Knock back the dough by pressing out the air & divide into 4 equal balls.
Any pizza dough not being cooked, can be wrapped in glad wrap & frozen.

Sauce Method:
Chop onion & garlic 4 seconds/speed 7.
Scrape down sides of bowl. Add oil, cook 2 minutes/100 degrees/speed 1.
Add remaining ingredients & cook 8 minutes/100 degrees/speed 1. Leave the lid off so sauce thickens & put rice basket over the lid to prevent sauce spitting.
Sauce can be frozen in containers, to be used anytime you want to make pizza.
I usually allow 90g sauce per pizza (allow less or more according to your tastes).

Pizza Assembly:

Roll out dough to fit pizza tray.

To prevent the dough sticking, spray pizza tray with olive oil & sprinkle with Semolina.


Top dough with pizza sauce, fresh herbs (basil & oregano) & cheese.  I’ve used shredded mozzarella & bocconcini, but you can also use parmesan.


Cook pizza’s in 200 degrees oven for about 10 minutes.  Then carefully remove the tray & cook the pizza base on a pizza stone for 5 minutes.  I have a small Breville pizza oven.  If cooking a few pizzas, I’ll cook them in the oven & then give them all 5 minutes each on the stone to give the bases a lovely crisp crust.

Once cooked, top pizzas with prosciutto & rocket dressed with a little olive oil & lemon juice.


You can freeze dough in individual balls ahead of time.  When you want to use, remove dough from the freezer, unwrap, place on a plate & re cover with fresh glad wrap (making sure there is no air gaps between the plate & glad wrap.  It will take about 2-3 hours for the dough to come to room temperature & it will prove again as it defrosts.

IMG_4367 IMG_4369 IMG_4370

I usually allow 2 Bocconini balls per pizza.  To avoid wastage & save money, I freeze the balls I haven’t used.  I’d hate to buy a whole tub of cheese for just a few balls!  If you freeze the balls on a tray, making sure they are not touching each other, you can then store them in a zip lock bag.  Because they’re already frozen, they won’t stick together in the freezer.  I just pull out as many balls as I need about 20 minutes before making my pizza, as they don’t take long to defrost.

IMG_4389 IMG_4409

Sweet & Tasty Chicken with Prunes

Chicken with prunes

This dish has been made many times over the years in my house & in my parents house.  It is honestly the easiest meal to make, minimal preparation required & is very tasty.  It’s a perfect mid week meal when you’re time poor. Serve this with rice, mashed potatoes, risoni, cous cous or pasta.   The prunes almost ‘melt’ into the dish, so there aren’t too many ‘bits’ for the young ones but the prunes make it deliciously sweet!

Feel free to add additional vegetables during step 3.  You can also steam vegetables in the Varoma, while the rice is cooking.  If you do this, let the chicken rest in your Thermoserver.  It will stay hot while the rice cooks & the flavours will continue to develop.  One tip – don’t chop up the chicken too small, as the chicken breaks down a little during cooking.  I tend to cut mine into cubes at least 3-4cm.


1 onion, peeled & halved

1 small chilli or dried chilli flakes

20g olive oil

500-600g chicken breast or thigh, cubed (3-4cm cubes)

150g pitted prunes

100g white wine

1 tbsp. vegetable stock concentrate

130g water

100g slithered or flaked almonds (optional)

Salt & pepper to taste


1) Place onion & chilli into TM bowl.  Chop 3 seconds/speed 5.  Scape down the sides of the bowl.

2) Add oil, cook 5 minutes/100 degrees/speed 1 (lid off)

3) Add remaining ingredients (except almonds), cook for 30 minutes/100 degrees/reverse/soft speed (MC off with simmering basket on top of lid).

4) Top with slivered almonds & serve.


Granola Bars


These granola bars are lunchbox friendly & nut free.  Be warned – these are not just for kids – they are yummy!  The butter, honey & sugar form a light, sticky caramel!


100g Butter, cubed

80g Honey

90g Brown sugar

80g Pitted dates

200g Rolled oats

20g Poppy seeds

30g Chia seeds

pinch of ground cinnamon

pinch of sea salt


1) Preheat oven to 160 degrees

2) Place butter, honey & sugar in the TM bowl. Melt 4 minutes/Varoma temperature/speed 2.

3) Add dates, chop 4 seconds/speed 5.

4) Add rolled oats, seeds, cinnamon & salt. Mix 10 seconds/speed 3.

5) Line a baking tray (about 20cm x 25cm) with baking paper & press the mixture into the tin.

6) Bake for 20 minutes or until golden brown.

Source: In the Mix 2 – Dani Valent


I use disposable food hygiene gloves to press the mixture in to the tin, as the mixture is quite sticky.  

The slice will be soft when it comes out of the oven, but will set as it cools.