Protein Bliss Balls (using almond pulp from nut milk)


These sugar free bliss balls are easy to make & great to have on hand for an afternoon snack or just when I need something on the sweet side.

I’ve recently been eating a paleo diet & besides being amazed at how good I feel, I’ve been amazed yet again at what my Thermomix can do for me!  I’ve been able to make so many things myself, rather than buying them, which has not only saved a lot of money, but taste better too.  I’ve made these bliss balls using the left over pulp from making my own Almond Milk, so there’s no wastage.  You can keep the pulp in the fridge for a day or two after making milk, if you don’t have time to make the balls straight away.

Almond pulp (left over from making almond milk – about 180g)
100g cashews, unsalted
175g pitted dates
25g cocoa or cacao
90g shredded coconut
30g maple syrup or honey
pinch of salt
2 tbsp coconut oil

1) Add all ingredients to your TM bowl & chop 10-20 seconds speed 8.
2) Scrape down the sides of the bowl & combine a further 10-20 seconds speed 8 (using TM spatula through the hole in the lid if necessary).
3) Roll into balls coat in desiccated coconut (optional)
4) Freeze the balls for at least 30 minutes before storing in the fridge.

 I store my protein balls in the freezer, as they don’t need to defrost long before eating.  Once they’ve frozen on a tray or plate, you can store them in a zip lock bag & they won’t stick together.
 This is what the almond pulp looks like after it’s been strained through the nut milk bag….
Almond pulp

If you’re a perfectionist in the kitchen like me & prefer ever ball to be the same size, I use an old fashioned ice cream scoop to portion the mixture, before rolling into balls.