Reheating your BBQ leftovers in the Varoma

BBQ Varoma

One of my all time pet hates is wasting food, so we all enjoy leftovers in our house.   A friend of mine only recently told me about reheating food from last night’s BBQ in the Varoma, so I gave it a go the other night.   By reheating with steam, you retain the moisture in the food & I was very impressed with the result.  Needless to say, I won’t be using my microwave anymore to reheat things like cooked sausages or hamburgers.   One of the many things I love about Thermomix, is that after 5 years, I’m still picking up new hints & tips!

I reheated a sausage, a hamburger, a few Cajun chicken tenderloins & a few pieces of turkey stuffing.  I added 500g boiling water to the TM bowl & cooked for 7 minutes/Varoma/speed 3.  If you’re reheating a larger quantity of food, you may need to increase the time by a few minutes.

I always use a sheet of baking paper on my Varoma tray – purely so there is minimal washing up.  If you would rather not use baking paper, just place the food straight onto the Varoma tray.  I add boiling water from my kettle when I use my Varoma, as this decreases the overall heating time, as the boiling water will create steam faster than cold water.  If you do add cold or warm water to your TM bowl, allow 5-10 minutes extra heating time.


2 thoughts on “Reheating your BBQ leftovers in the Varoma

  1. Try left over roast meat. No reroast flavour however just like fresh roast meat. Xx

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