Weetbix Slice (includes egg free option)

Weetbix slice

This slice has fast become my family’s favourite!  My kids absolutely love it & often get involved in making & icing it.  I tried a few recipes, some too dry, but my favourite was from a blog called Make it Perfect.  I’ve tweaked the recipe a little & adjusted everything to grams, so it’s so easy to weigh the ingredients into your bowl.

For an egg free version of this slice, replace the egg with 40-50g chickpea water.  This is the water drained from a can of chickpeas.  You won’t be able to tell the difference, in fact, I prefer it with the chickpea water.

10 weetbix  (160g)
180g butter, cut into pieces
25g cocoa
150g brown sugar
40g desicated coconut
1 egg

Icing Ingredients:

180g icing sugar
20g cocoa
20g soft butter
boiling water


1) Pre heat oven to 170 degrees (fan forced). Grease & line a slice tin with baking paper.
2) Place weetbix in TM bowl, crush 5 seconds/speed 10.  Set aside.
3) Without washing TM bowl, add butter, melt 3 minutes/60 degrees/speed 1.
4) Add cocoa, sugar, coconut, egg & reserved weetbix, mix 20 seconds/speed 4.
5) Scrape down the sides of the bowl, mix a further 10 seconds/speed 4.
6) Pour mixture into slice tin & press evenly into tin (see notes).
7) Bake for 20 minutes.  Allow to thoroughly cool before icing.

Icing Method:
1) Place icing sugar in TM bowl.  Mill 5 seconds/speed 10. (No need to sift – it’s now done)!
2) Add cocoa & butter.  Add 5-10g boiling water, then mix 10 seconds/speed 5.
3) Add 5-10g more boiling water & mix again 10 seconds/speed 5, until you achieve a smooth consistency.  Don’t add more than 10g boiling water at a time, as too much & the icing will be too runny.
4) Pour icing on cooled slice & sprinkle with 100’s & 1000’s.

 In my kitchen, food handling gloves are a must have!  For this slice, I put some on & press the slice down evenly with my hands before it goes in the oven.

I cut up the whole slice into small pieces, then store half in the fridge for the kids to enjoy.  The other half of the slice goes in the freezer, so I can always pop a few pieces in their lunch boxes.


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