Cleaning your Thermomix

Here’s a few ways to clean your Thermomix bowl, along with a few tips for let’s say ‘spring cleaning’ once or twice a year.

For everyday cleaning, I can’t recommend highly enough, using a Thermomix bowl brush.   They are fantastic for getting around the bowl & blades quickly.  I think they’re so fantastic, I give one to my customers when I deliver their Thermomix.  If you want to buy some, they are $5 each & you should be able to get them from your consultant, or a local consultant in your area.  If not, you can purchase them through the Thermomix website (note: this link is Thermomix in Australia).

Cleaning 1

Personally, when I’m cleaning my bowl, I really only ever remove the blades if I can see food stuck to the blades.  Having a small brush like this, or a baby’s bottle teat brush, is essential for cleaning your blades.  They are fantastic for making sure everything’s clean under the blades too.

cleaningI found these brushes on an Australian website, although anything similar would do the job just as well.

Cleaning 2


A vinegar clean is great to do once, or twice a year.  I do a vinegar clean when the inside of my bowl has a slight rust colour tinge to it.  Doing the vinegar clean & then a good rinse & brush with the Thermomix bowl brush, will help your bowl shine.

Simply add 1 litre white vinegar to the TM bowl & 1 good squirt of dishwashing liquid.  Cook 60 minutes/50 degrees/speed 1.



Gumption is a gentle multi purpose cleanser, that I use with a gentle scouring sponge to remove any burnt stains on the bottom of the bowl.  You might find you get these if you cook something for a long time at high temperature that contains sugar or honey.


If my bowl looks like this, I take out the blades & give it a good scrub with Gumption.  These are the types of scourers I use – just NEVER USE STEELO (steel wool)!

Cleaning4 Cleaning5



I haven’t used this personally, as I find vinegar clean & gumption wonderful for my cleaning.  However, my colleagues have recommended Tartaric Acid.   Simply sprinkle some into your Thermomix bowl & give a good wipe with a damp cloth.  Leave to sit for a few minutes, then rinse.


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