Pizza Night (with lots of veggies)!


It might not sound like a stretch to get your kids to like pizza, but my 5yo daughter is a very fussy, plain eater. Even to the point where she would turn up her nose at a slice of pizza, just because it was something different. Although she’s getting better, she’s still very fussy, although now she’ll try something, before telling me she doesn’t like it….. sometimes!

Anyway, she now loves pizza, so that is one new thing she likes, although she can still spot the smallest vegetable in her dinner, so I’m getting very creative at hiding them. This pizza I made for dinner this week was very easy (almost everything I grabbed from the freezer), very tasty & most importantly, FULL OF VEGGIES!

The sauce on this pizza is a few cubes of mashed vegetables, which I have in the freezer.  Then I mix in a few teaspoons of tomato paste, to give it a pizza sauce colour.   Follow this link to the veggie mash recipe.  I made the beef meatballs in my Thermomix too, although I haven’t posted the recipe yet.  They too are full of veggies, that are pureed so fine that my 5yo can’t spot them & then steamed in my Varoma tray.  I’ve then sprinkled on some cheese & cooked.

Freezing Pizza Dough:

The pizza dough recipe in your basic or everyday cookbook makes 4 pizza bases.  After the dough has been proved, it’s fine to freeze the dough if you’re not using the whole amount.  I freeze my dough in portions, wrapped in glad wrap.


If you want to make frozen dough into a pizza, allow a few hours for it to defrost & come to room temperature.  I’ll usually put mine out in the morning or at lunchtime.  Unwrap the frozen dough & put on a plate.  Place fresh glad wrap over the frozen dough, making sure that it’s airtight.


Now just allow your dough to slowly defrost.  As it comes to room temperature, it will prove again, doubling in size, which is why you place fresh glad wrap over it.  The dough will be quite sticky, so it’s good to roll out on your ThermoMat, with some plain flour on both sides of the dough.


More Pizza Tips:

Another way to make sure you can always whip up a quick pizza for dinner (without having to go to the shops) is to have some toppings in the freezer.  I recently bought a boned leg of ham at the supermarket that was on sale, shredded it in my Thermomix & then frozen in 90g portions.  Not only is this convenient, it can save you a lot of money.

Pizza night

This is enough ham for one pizza & here’s what I made for the kids – they demolished it:

Pizza night 2


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