Freezing & Defrosting Pizza Dough

The pizza dough recipe in your basic or everyday cookbook makes 4 pizza bases. After the dough has been proved, you can freeze the dough if you’re not using the whole amount. I freeze my dough in portions, wrapped in glad wrap.


If you want to make frozen dough into a pizza, allow a few hours for it to defrost & come to room temperature. I’ll usually put mine out in the morning or at lunchtime. Unwrap the frozen dough & put on a plate. Place fresh glad wrap over the frozen dough, making sure that it’s airtight.


Now just allow your dough to slowly defrost. As it comes to room temperature, it will prove again, doubling in size, which is why you place fresh glad wrap over it.   Depending on how warm your kitchen is, your dough size could increase more or less.  The dough will be quite sticky, so it’s good to roll out on your ThermoMat, with some plain flour on both sides of the dough.


Now you can make up your pizza as usual, cook & enjoy!


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