CADA (Fresh Muesli)


This post is for all of my TM5 customers.   When the new Thermomix model was released in September 2014, the Everyday Cookbook that came with your Thermomix, was replaced with The Basic Cookbook.  The Basic Cookbook is wonderful & interestingly, wherever in the world you buy your TM5, you receive the same cookbook (just in different languages).    The only down side is that CADA isn’t in the cookbook!  CADA is an acronym for the four ingredients – Coconut, Almonds, Dates & Apple.

You literally cannot make a quicker, easier, healthier breakfast.  This takes less than a minute to throw the ingredients in your TM bowl & then 2 seconds to chop.  Substitute the almonds & dates for other dried fruit & nuts if you want.  You can even serve this with custard for a dessert feel.

To my TM5 customers & my future TM5 customers; do yourself a favour & make CADA at least once!

40g fresh coconut (flesh only) or desiccated coconut
40g almonds
40g pitted dates
1 apple, quartered

1) Place all ingredients into TM bowl, chop Turbo/1 second/ 2 times.
2) Serve with yoghurt straight away, or refrigerate until ready to serve.

Source: Thermomix Everyday Cookbook
Photo Source: Thermomix Recipe Community


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