Chunky Basil & Cashew Dip

Chunky basil & cashew dip

This is one of my favourite dips & I sometimes make this dip at my demos.  This recipe, from the ‘Recipe Community’, replicates the ‘Wattle Valley’ dip you buy at the supermarket.  This dip, however’ is made with fresh ingredients & contains no additives & preservatives.  I’ve been asked so many times for this recipe, so I thought it time to share on my blog.  I’ve followed the recipe on the Recipe Community, but tweaked the recipe by adding a little extra olive oil.  You can enjoy this dip as is, but also use it on pizza bases & make basil pesto scrolls.

1 clove garlic
50g fresh basil leaves (usually 1 bunch)
120g unsalted cashews
60g parmesan cheese, cubed
50g olive oil
20g white vinegar
Sprinkle of dried mixed herbs
Salt & pepper

1) Place garlic into TM bowl, chop 3 seconds/speed7.
2) Add remaining ingredients, chop 1 second/Turbo. Repeat the 1 second/Turbo a few more times, or until the consistency reaches your desired level of ‘chunkiness’.   Serve & enjoy.

Source: Thermomix Recipe Community


I buy my cashew nuts in bulk, to save money (Although I do need to hide them in the pantry so I don’t snack on them all the time)!  Aldi sell them in small packets that are reasonably priced compared to the other major supermarkets.  You can also save a lot of money buy buying in kilo bags or more.  Around my local area I go to Moorabbin Wholesale Market or D&D nuts in Dandenong.  

Use left overs on pizza, add oil for dressing, scrolls.  Just remember if you make scroll, they contain nuts, so are not ‘lunchbox friendly’ for many schools & kindergartens.

Pesto scrolls


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