Thermo Easi Slide


These tile ‘slides’ for your Thermomix are fantastic if you tend to move your machine around your bench a lot. I recently bought one, as I tend to push my Thermomix to the back of my bench when I’m not using it (mainly to keep it away from Lucy’s little fingers)! The Easi Slide is great, as now I just drag the slide, which protects the scales in the feet of the machine. The base of the slide is a nylon woven material that will not scratch your bench tops.

Tiles fit both TM31 & TM5 models. Tiles come in white or black & cost $30 plus postage. Follow this link for more information, FAQ’s & to place an order:


2 thoughts on “Thermo Easi Slide

  1. Just wondering, as a new thermomix owner (yet to be delivered), if the machine is able to operate on all speeds and settings whilst still on the tile? I have a spot for the thermomix tucked back against a wall but will need to move it along the same benchtop for use and this tile idea looks great. I had a look on the website but it doesn’t really answer this question specifically. Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Kate,
      Yes, your Thermomix will operate perfectly on all speeds & settings on the tile. It’s well worth the $30 investment & is perfect for pushing your machine to the back of the bench when it’s not in use. I bought a tile for myself a few months ago & I just wish I’d had one when I first bought my machine over 4 years ago! Enjoy your Thermomix – hope it arrives soon!

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