Pumpkin & Chorizo Soup with Red Kidney Beans


I made this soup last week & honestly, it is amazing!  I’ve adapted the recipe from Donna Hay.  The original recipe used black beans, which I couldn’t find at my supermarket, so I used red kidney beans instead.  I can imagine any beans or pulses would work in this soup.  Of course I love the fact my Thermomix cooks the soup & then purees in the same bowl!  The soup was delicious like I’ve made it in this recipe, but if you served this to guests for an entree, you could really impress with a tweak to the presentation.  Instead of adding the chorizo & garlic mixture to the soup in step 6, serve the soup & top with the chorizo & garlic, then drizzle with extra olive oil.

20g olive oil
1 chorizo, cut lengthways & thinly sliced
2 cloves garlic
1 x 400g can diced tomatoes
1 tbsp chicken stock paste
500g water
500g butternut pumpkin, peeled & roughly chopped
1 x 400g can red kidney beans, drained & rinsed
salt & pepper to taste

1) Place garlic in TM bowl, chop 3 seconds/speed 7. Scrape down sides of bowl.
2) Add chorizo & oil to TM bowl, cook 6 minutes/Varoma temperature/reverse/speed 2. Set aside.
3) Without cleaning TM bowl, add pumpkin, chop 8 seconds/speed 5.
4) Add tomatoes, stock paste, water, salt & pepper. Cook 12 minutes/ 100 degrees/ speed 1.
5) Puree soup 1 minute/speed 9 – gradually increasing the dial to speed 9.
6) Add chorizo mixture & kidney beans. Cook 2 minutes/100 degrees/ reverse/speed 1.

Serves 4.


Follow this link to make Chicken Stock Paste.  This soup can be made with vegetable stock paste or any store bought stock/powder, if you prefer.


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