Chicken & Corn Soup

Chicken And Corn Soup

As winter approaches, I’m loving that I can make lots of soups again.  This soup requires very little preparation & takes just over 15 minutes to cook.  The whole family will love this & it is very satisfying, so can easily be served as a main meal, even for the big eaters!  It also freezes really well.  This time of year I’ll usually have a few portions in the freezer, for nights when I don’t want to cook or for a quick & easy lunch.

Feel free to add more chicken for a thicker consistency or you can also add an additional can of creamed corn for a sweeter soup.  Personally, I love it like this….


1-2 chicken breasts

1 litre cold water

1 tbsp vegetable stock concentrate

2 cans creamed corn

1 egg

Soy sauce or Tamari

Spring onions


1) Cut chicken into large pieces & place in TM bowl. Add 1 litre cold water (ensuring chicken is covered) & cook 6 minutes/100 degrees/speed 1.

2) Remove any scum floating on top of the liquid.

3) Shred the chicken/water mixture 10 seconds/speed 6.

4) Add stock concentrate, a splash or soy or tamari & the creamed corn.  Mix 15 seconds/speed 3.

5) Cook 8 minutes/100 degrees/ speed 2.  Add the egg through the hole in the lid & cook for 2 minutes/100 degrees/speed 2.

6) Serve topped with spring onions.


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