Chicken & Cashews with Coconut Satay Sauce & Coconut Rice


For a while now, people have told me about this dish by Jo Whitton from Quirky Cooking.  It’s probably one of the most famous & talked about dishes in the Thermomix community.  Of course, I had to try it, with the view to share with my customers & on my blog.  I love to share not only my own recipes, but other people’s too & of course I will always give full credit to the recipe’s source.  I just hope I inspire you to cook!

I made this dish at a demo last week to rave reviews!  No one could believe how delicious & easy this is.  One guest said it was just about the tastiest thing he’d ever eaten!

It really does live up to it’s reputation.  In sharing the recipe with you, I’ve just cooked it a little differently to Quirky Jo.  If you have a chance to visit the Quirky Cooking website, you’ll see that Jo doesn’t measure all ingredients.  She will often throw in a handful of this & a few handfuls of that.  Some people love to cook like this, but for those of you who don’t feel confident in doing this, I’ve included quantities for all ingredients.

I really do hope you try this dish.  It may seem daunting at first, especially if you have not used your Varoma much, but trust me, the next time you make it will seem much more simple.

500g chicken thigh, cubed
1-2 cloves garlic
1-2cm piece ginger
40g soy sauce
5g sesame oil
400g can coconut cream
850g water
300-400g rice
2-3 cups mixed, thinly chopped vegetables (ie: celery, carrot, broccoli. beans, bok choy, snow peas, wombok, capsicum)
100g cashews
sesame seeds
Spring onions to garnish

Satay Sauce Ingredients:
60-80g cashews

1 inch chilli or pinch of dried chilli flakes

handful of coriander

1-2cm piece ginger

2 cloves garlic

40g soy sauce

5g sugar

1 tbsp vegetable stock concentrate

1. Place cubed chicken in a bowl, set aside.
2. Add garlic & ginger to TM bowl. Chop 3 seconds/speed 7.
3. Add garlic & ginger to chicken. Weigh bowl on top of TM lid & zero scales. Add soy & sesame oil to chicken. Stir & set aside.

4. Without cleaning TM bowl, add coconut cream & water.
5. Insert basket & weigh rice.

6. Set Varoma in to position. Place a sheet of baking paper on Varoma tray & add chicken. Cook 16 minutes/Varoma Temperature/Speed 4.

7. Using your spatula, remove the rice basket & place rice in Thermoserver to keep hot.

8. Set Varoma back into position & cook chicken 6 minutes/Varoma Temperature/Speed 4.
9. Add vegetables to Varoma Dish, top with cashews & sesame seeds & cook 6 minutes/Varoma Temperature/speed 3.  Leave the Varoma tray in place with the chicken still cooking.
9. Check that chicken & vegetables are cooked. There will be some soy sauce & water from the chicken cooking in the Varoma tray.  Carefully strain this off, as it’s not required.  Transfer chicken & veggies to Thermoserver to keep hot.
10.  Add remaining satay sauce ingredients, to the juices left in the TM bowl. Blend 1 minute/speed 9.

IMG_4949This is the juices that is left from the coconut cream & water after it’s evaporated while cooking the rice, chicken & veggies.


This is the coconut satay sauce after all ingredients have been added & blended.  This is a pouring consistency & is beautifully light & fluffy.

11. Serve rice, chicken & veggies in bowls & pour satay sauce over the top.  Garnish (optional) with finely chopped spring onions & additional sesame seeds.

Source: Quirky Cooking


Freeze left over satay sauce to our over fried rice or to flavour any dishes you like.  This sauce is far too delicious to waste any of it!

You can use light coconut cream in step 4 if you prefer.

Substitute soy sauce for tamari for a gluten free option.


6 thoughts on “Chicken & Cashews with Coconut Satay Sauce & Coconut Rice

  1. That’s such a great idea Lauren, thank you so much for your feedback. How delicious is the coconut satay sauce!!

  2. Made this last night and it was delicious. I found the rice needed longer but I did use 400g. I just kept the rice in for the extra 6 minutes before the veggies go in.

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