Vegetable Mash

Mashed veg

The kids dinner time in our house, sees two very different eaters at the table.  My 4yo has very plain tastes & turns her nose up at anything too fancy or that in any way resembles a vegetable.  On the other hand, my 18 month old will eat absolutely anything & devours whatever I feed her.  I started to make this vegetable mash when my eldest was about one year old & my kids still eat it!   You can use any vegetables to make this.  I’ve just adapted the Mashed Potato recipe from the EDC.   I usually do equal quantities of pumpkin, sweet potato, carrot & broccoli.  If I have some, I might throw in a potato as well.  This mash is delicious & rich, thanks to the milk, butter & cheese.  I’m sure that’s why my kids love it!   Of course you can control how much butter & cheese you add for your kids.  I don’t mind adding as per this recipe – at least they’re eating vegetables!

Amazingly, my 4yo asks for mashed ‘bedgies’ to be served with dinner almost every night!  It’s fantastic if I just have sausages, or hamburgers or a chicken schnitzel.  At least if I can defrost a few cubes of veggie mash, it makes it a healthier, more balanced meal.  I’m confident that even the most discerning vegetable spotters will eat this.


50g parmesan cheese
250g milk
1kg vegetables, chopped in to large chunks
30g butter

1) Place parmesan in TM bowl, grate 10 seconds/speed 9. Set aside.
2) Place vegetables & milk in to TM bowl. Cook 25 minutes/100 degrees/speed 1.

3) Insert Butterfly, by pushing in in the bowl, through the food. Add butter & cheese. Mash for 30 seconds/speed 4.


IMG_4374Look at the difference in texture after the butter & cheese is added.  Most of the credit has to go to the Butterfly though.  It really makes the most creamiest mash ever!

4)Serve as a side dish & freeze in an ice tray or containers for future use.  Once frozen, I store my veggie cubes in a zip lock bag in the freezer.



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