Chocolate Custard

choc custard

What’s not to love about a quick treat for the kids that takes 7 minutes to make?  I’ve tried a few different chocolate custard recipes (or at least my kids have) & this one is my favourite.  This custard will keep in the fridge for a few days.  When it’s cold, the custard tastes like chocolate mousse & is quite light & fluffy!  I used to buy my kids custard from the supermarket.  This custard doesn’t even compare on taste, obviously has no additives/preservatives & the money I save continues to astound me!

6 squares of dark chocolate
60g raw sugar
30g cornflour
20g cocoa
700g milk
2 eggs

1) Place chocolate, sugar, cornflour & cocoa in TM bowl, chop 20 seconds/speed 9.
2) Add milk & eggs. Cook 7 minutes/90 degrees/speed 4.
3) Serve immediately on it’s own or with fresh fruit.

Source: Thermomazing


If let sit to cool, remove the layer of skin that forms before serving.

You can halve the quantity – just cook for 6 minutes in step 2.

For a thicker custard, either reduce the milk to 600g or add an additional egg.


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