Zucchini Slice

Zucchini Slice

A delicious dish that is so easy to make in your Thermomix.  Everything is done in the TM bowl, so that’s all you have to clean!  I used to make this years ago using my food processor, a large mixing bowl & another bowl to whisk my eggs.  Not anymore!   This slice is delicious warm or cold, great for lunch boxes, lunch or dinner & freezes really well.  It’s a great dish to make a day before serving too.  For a vegetarian option, you can replace the bacon with corn kernels,  capsicum, semi dried or cherry tomatoes.

1 onion, peeled & quartered
200g bacon, chopped
375g zucchini
5 eggs
150g SR Flour
100g grated cheese
60g vegetable oil
Mixed dried herbs
Salt & pepper

1) Pre heat oven to 170 degrees.

2) Place onion in TM bowl, chop 3 seconds/speed 5.   Add zucchini & bacon, chop 3 seconds/speed 4.   Scrape down sides of the bowl & chop again for another second if required.

3) Add remaining ingredients, season to taste & mix 20 seconds/speed 3.

4) Pour into a greased ceramic dish or baking tray & bake for 40 minutes or until browned.


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