Coconut Pine Lime Sorbet

Pine Lime sorbet

It’s the weather for delicious sorbets & this one is absolutely delicious.  So refreshing, creamy & tropical.   Add some rum & you’ll have a Pina Colada Sorbet!


80g raw sugar

zest of 2 limes

350g ice cubes

450g coconut cream, frozen in ice cube trays

2 limes (skin removed)

300g frozen pineapple pieces

5g vanilla bean paste

1 egg white


1) Place sugar & zest into TM bowl & grind 30 seconds/speed 9.

2) Add ice cubes & grind 10 seconds/speed 9.

3) Add frozen coconut cream cubes & grind for 10 seconds/speed 9.

4) Add frozen pineapple pieces, limes, vanilla & egg white.  Mix for 30-60 seconds/speed 9, or until sorbet is creamy.  Use the TM spatula to mix the sorbet as needed, by putting it through the hole in the lid.


Source: Quirky Cooking


You can use a whole vanilla bean instead of paste.  Grind with the sugar & zest in step 1.


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