Cranberry Chicken Salad


This summer salad can be served so many ways – with some baby spinach & salad greens or pita bread as a main meal or as a filling for sandwiches & wraps.  Toss through some cooked quinoa, or replace the mayonnaise with natural yoghurt for a low calorie option.  I’ve frozen this in portions, so can add to a salad or wrap anytime for a quick lunch.

500-600g chicken breasts, diced
1L boiling water
3 spring onions
1 celery stick
1 granny smith apple, quartered
80g dried cranberries
60g green seedless grapes (when in season)
130g toasted almonds
1 tsp curry powder
3 tbsp TM mayonnaise
salt & pepper to taste


1) Line Varoma tray with baking paper & place diced chicken on tray.  Add boiling water to TM bowl, set Varoma into place & cook for 15 minutes/Varoma temperature/speed 3.  Check the chicken is cooked & cook for a more minutes if required.

2) Set chicken aside to cool slightly.  Chicken can be cooked ahead of time & placed in the fridge.  Clean & dry TM bowl.

3) Place all ingredients, except chicken, in the TM bowl & chop for 4 seconds/speed 4.

4) Add cooked chicken & mix for 5 seconds/reverse/speed 3.


Salad can be pre made & refrigerated up to 24 hours before serving.

Lining the varoma tray with baking paper when cooking chicken, means there is hardly anything to wash up!

Source: TM Meat on the Menu


2 thoughts on “Cranberry Chicken Salad

    • I’m so glad you tried the recipe Beck! It is very easy & I often have left overs in a wrap for lunch. It freezes well too.

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