Traveling with your Thermomix

If you plan to travel with your Thermomix, or move it between houses, here are a few tips to provide extra care for your machine.  We do sell a carry bag specifically designed for transporting your Thermomix.

The black bags are $120.  They can be purchased through me, or on the Thermomix website.  The bag has a special base designed to protect the scales, so is a worthwhile investment if you plan to transport your machine on a regular basis.



If you’re transporting your Thermomix without a carry bag, lay the machine on it’s back.  As you would know from my delivery briefings, the scales on the base of the machine are very delicate & should be protected.  This way there is no pressure or movement on the scales.


I was recently shown a very easy way to carry my Thermomix.  Make sure the lid is on & the dial is turned onto any number on the speed settings (which locks the lid & bowl in).  Then just pick up by the handle!



2 thoughts on “Traveling with your Thermomix

  1. Hi, my bag only has one piece that goes on the bottom of the main part of the bag (just like your photo. I’m wondering if they’ve given you a spare too? You only need one, just like your photo. Caroline

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